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Executive Leadership Coaching

Every organizational leader faces daunting, ongoing challenges in today's dynamic marketplace. Contemporary leaders must do more than manage change; they must thrive on it.

Whether in person or virtual, today’s leaders require both strong leadership skills and increased awareness.

At Winning Ways, we understand the challenges of executive leadership and we dedicate ourselves to helping leaders make a lasting impact. Our executive coaching sessions offer comprehensive support for those looking to develop their skills in order to lead with poise and confidence.

We tailor our approach to each client’s individual needs, leveraging our experience as well as proven strategies and tools from organizational psychology that can help to improve performance. We help executives foster trust among their teams, increase productivity in the workplace, manage difficult conversations more effectively, and develop a better understanding of themselves and their goals.

Making the decision to invest in executive leadership coaching is an investment in yourself and your leadership. It is an investment that pays off over and over as your leadership impacts many others. Executive coaching can provide you with greater clarity, improved decision-making and problem-solving skills, enhanced communication strategies, and ultimately the confidence to lead with purpose.

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The Importance of Leadership Coaching

How aware are you of your strengths and your weaknesses in your leadership? A leader's awareness and emotional intelligence are critical to a leader's success. Connecting well with your peers, direct reports, and supervisors is essential to leadership.

Our coaching provides the ability to increase your emotional intelligence and deepen the connections of those in your work life. Leadership development is an opportunity to be more engaged and lead your team and organization more effectively.

The Process

The Winning Ways coaching process focuses on increasing leadership effectiveness. It is not unusual for some leaders to have difficulty articulating how they want others to see their leadership.

Based on the leader's strengths, our coaches work with the leader to identify the leadership style they wish to project and the leadership competencies they want to hone. We help them become the leader they envision, and we start with discovery.

Become the Leader You Know You Can Be

To be a highly effective leader, research shows you need to be a highly effective learner. Strong leaders consistently update and enhance their leadership knowledge & skills. It is powerful to work one on one with a coach. Coaching allows leaders the support and space to build the skills and behaviors to become the most effective leader possible.

Essential Leadership Tools and Strategies

Each leader learns vital tools and strategies to add to their leadership effectiveness. Throughout the coaching process, the leader practices these new skills until they are mastered.

They evolve as leaders as they implement the skills and techniques they learn through coaching.

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Coaching may be a few sessions or a six-month, nine-month, or yearlong engagement based on the specific objectives the leader wants to achieve. We tailor each meeting for the individual leader based on their needs and what they want to accomplish.

Coaching Assessments

We can include a 360 assessment and survey in the coaching engagement. We offer the The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP,) which is one of the most robust 360 assessments available.

Our team can send this online survey to 8–25 direct reports, peers, and supervisors to provide candid and actionable feedback.

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virtual training

Our Clients' Thoughts

"As part of my individual development plan, I began working with Joan as the next step in honing my skills as a leader. The tools she used to guide my development, specifically the EQ Assessment, have provided invaluable insights about myself that I will continue to draw upon for many years to come."

– Jamie Williams, Senior Manager, Member Relations, Nuclear Energy Institute

"I was blown away by how the EQ assessment process helped me understand myself even more. My interactions, both personally and professionally, have benefited. It is a process I encourage other leaders to experience to improve their leadership."

– Scott Brezler, Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

"Joan has provided several interventions with helping our employees grow or resolving difficult situations. Joan uses excellent instruments for analyzing work styles and personality interactions; she has a way of listening that is intensely quiet; and her guidance is insightful and direct. I know of no other coach who combines these elements, and it is in this way that she makes powerful change happen!"

– Carrie-Ann Barrow, Executive & Leadership Coach, Barrow Consulting

"I sought coaching support from Winning Ways to work on my presence. Joan helped me to really get focused on being in the moment. Doing so has made me better able to engage with others in all aspects of my life and improved my relationships – both professional and personal."

– Amy Johnson, Senior Director, Operations, Coverent

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