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Leadership Evolution Program (LEP)

- 85% of course takers see an improvement in their visionary leadership skills upon course completion.

- Leadership Evolution participants reported a 76% improvement in their self-awareness and a 72% improvement in their listening skills.

- 81% reported that the improvements they made were life-changing.

About the Leadership Evolution Program (LEP)

Real change happens incrementally, so we stage the learning and incorporate a self-awareness method that allows participants to learn about themselves, the skills to set individual leadership goals, and the habits to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Through accountability partners, spaced repetition, and the incorporation of small group assignments, participants learn how mindfulness, thinking, and practice lead to more confident and effective leadership.

Program Components

Before the program kick-off, leaders take up to three individual assessments before the first workshop to provide valuable benchmarks.

Every participant receives four one-on-one coaching sessions from a certified coach to help set personal & professional goals and break through leadership barriers.

Participants will be placed in small, peer leadership circles that will meet monthly.

Program Sessions

The eight 3-hour sessions incorporate social-based development and the tools to accomplish the leadership goals individually selected.

Each participant receives a debrief on their assessment results to help them better understand their natural behavioral tendencies and preferences. This will also help them develop their awareness of how they relate to others and how others see them. 

Additionally, the sessions provide insight into their values and leadership effectiveness.

Program Outcomes

Individual and group work is provided during every session.  This allows space for deeper learning, promotes critical thinking, and allows participants to experience, play with, discuss, and apply what they have learned to real organization projects and roadblocks.

Each participant will share their measurable results and growth during the final session of the program.

Organizations that have completed the LEP report on the positive impact on their culture.  As the leaders transform, so does the environment of the organization.

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The Leadership Evolution Program Shows Dramatic Results

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Testimonials from LEP Graduates

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Winning Ways, Inc. and the Leadership Evolution Program

We designed the LEP to create positive and lasting leadership growth. Built on solid research, the program continues to grow and evolve. 

This program builds on the best practices of some of the most notable thought leaders in leadership development. It includes:

  • Chris Argyris
  • Chalmers Brothers
  • Vinay Kumar
  • Bob Anderson
  • Patrick Lencioni
  • Scott Eblin
  • Amy Cuddy
  • Brene Brown
  • The Arbinger Institute
  • Robert Greenleaf
  • Daniel Goleman
  • Viktor Frankl
  • Jim Collins
  • Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey
  • Susanne Cook-Greuter
  • Bill Adams

Leadership Evolution Program Overview


Real change happens incrementally, so we stage the learning and incorporate a self-awareness methodology that gives participants the space to learn about themselves, the skills to set individual leadership goals, and the habits to achieve remarkable outcomes.


Through discovering more about themselves, being held accountable by peers, and incorporating small group assignments, participants learn how mindfulness, thinking & practice, and repetition can lead to more confident and effective leadership.


The year-long, assessment-based program uses LEP-Certified Instructors to guide participants through a five-step self-awareness method.

It provides the context, practical experience, and learning individuals need to raise their emotional intelligence (EI), keep and implement their learning, and transform culture.

Leadership Evolution At a Glance:


The LEP Difference

  • 1 Every program adapts to the organization's and participants' unique needs as they identify and develop the specific leadership skills and traits they need to cultivate. Some organizations are pursuing an acquisition growth strategy, while others are working to capture organic growth. Your leaders work together to help shape the culture and prioritize the skills developed throughout the program.
  • 2 The assessments build a foundation for the leaders to help them investigate their mindset and the values that underpin their behaviors. The participants gain insight into how individual beliefs show up in behavior and actions and help dissolve interpersonal barriers that can block growth.
  • 3 We embed the learning into the real work of the participants. We cultivate trust as the leaders tackle shared goals, expose vulnerabilities, work across traditional business lines, and learn about themselves together.

Still Not Sure if the Leadership Evolution Program Is for You?

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The Leadership Evolution Program (formerly the Periscope Leadership Program) enhances the leaders shaping your culture.

The participants learn about themselves together, which builds trust and understanding across traditional business lines. Request any of our Case Studies to learn more about our programs' impact on various organizations.