How to Cultivate an Excellent Workplace Culture that Engages and Retains Your Employees

Persons discussing on a project in a cafe

According to the 2022 SHRM Global Culture Research Report, employees are feeling that their workplace cultures are both “positive and safe.” In fact, “globally, 82% of employees said they feel safe voicing their opinions about work-related issues.” This is great news! However, the report also shared that nearly half (45%) of workers are considering leaving the…

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How to Build Trust in Your Team

Girls sitting in a room discussing on a topic

Leadership can be complicated, especially in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous) world. Yet the leaders who can build trust with their teams will discover that successfully navigating the VUCA environment may not be easy, but it is possible. The question we often get from our clients and Leadership Evolution Program participants is, “How…

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The Best Way to Practice Intentional Leadership in 2023

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I recently read this Forbes article written by Rodger Dean Duncan, “Why ‘Caring’ is a Must-Have Ingredient in Effective Leadership,” and it brought tears to my eyes. The article featured the story of a newly appointed president and CEO who exemplified extraordinary leadership. The business was failing, and yet Jim Rainey came into his role with intentionality and committed…

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How to Make Work More Meaningful in 2023

A girl holding a pen in mouth and book on the table

I love this time of year, but it may not be for the reasons you think. Sure, I am all for cozying up to the fire on those crisp, wintry evenings, listening to holiday favorites, and spending extra time with family. And yet, I also love this time of year because it gives me an…

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How To Better Your Life & Leadership

Group of people sitting on the dining table

With Thanksgiving in just a couple of days, it makes sense that gratitude is top of mind for many of us, but what is gratitude and how do we practice it in a meaningful way? Though praise and compliments are nice, really, that is all they are – nice. I don’t say this to dismiss the…

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Leaders, Are You Listening to What Your Employees Are Telling You?

A man discussing on a topic with office mates

For every great story, there are captivating characters, emotion-filled experiences, and climatic events.  As an executive leadership coach, I am invited into the stories of many, and yet it is the story of transformative experience that I find most engaging because I know that such transformation can only exist with deep reflection, self-awareness, and an…

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What Grandma Has to Teach Us About Leadership


Have you ever heard the story of the grandmother and the ham? Stick with me here, as it provides a great lesson in leadership. A wife walked into the kitchen one day to see her husband once again cutting the butt off the ham they were having for dinner. He had been doing this every…

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How to Get Better Sleep and Become a More Effective Leader


How many of us are up all night and burning the candle at both ends? Whether it is that imminent deadline, a challenge at work, or the number of commitments and responsibilities we have said ‘yes” to, sleep often becomes the least of our concerns. We toss. We turn. We think…and think…and think… With so…

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